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The Awakened Body practices are about learning to be comfortable with feeling emotions and sensations & learning how to feel safe in your body. It is a journey into self-care and transformation of habitual patterns of reactivity. I will share with you the most valuable practices I have learned and incorporated to create grounded stability where we used to get “triggered” into relapse. If you desire to take your recovery to the next level…I am here for you to take a deep dive into finding your true Self.

Although I have been deeply inspired by the exquisite images and view of sacred transformation that are woven through Tibetan Buddhism…this is in no way a religious format but, is a deeply spiritual container in which to tenderly hold our wholeness as both human and Divine.

“This spiritual path is the road to uncover the innate wisdom, compassion, openness and light that lies beneath our habitual patterns of suffering.”

Bearing witness to the deepest calling of your heart... ''I am never going to hurt myself again.''

Creating your life’s new floorplan…Customizing your journey.

The Journey Of The Heart Back To The Body

Practices, services & guidance and support available, as needed, to meet you where you are.

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    Self Care as a Spiritual Practice and Mindfulness in Every Day Life.


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    Gentle Somatic Meditation Practices
    Relaxing the Body, Connecting to the Earth,
    Embodied Nondual Presence
    Moving Meditation, Gentle Sacred Movement


  • Awakend Body - Heart Chakra Emotional Energy

    Awakened Body

    Being with Emotional Energy
    The Journey is in the Body
    Journal – Heart flowing through the tip of the pen
    Emotional Release in the Presence of Unconditional Love

Awakened Body

About The Awakened Body Practice

Emotional Release in the Presence of Unconditional Love

The Awakened Body practice is a format that I developed through the process of my own healing. It’s conceptually derived from the 12 steps, The Realization Process ® and Shamanic Journey Work… It’s the Journey of the Heart Back to the Body.

Addictions of all kinds are a manifestation of habitual patterns, repetition compulsions (Sigmund Freud) and bodily contractions. Despite our best intentions we continue to hurt ourselves, stuck in self-defeating behaviors.

We develop these patterns in childhood, infancy and sometimes in-utero in response to outside stimulation that is too painful or overwhelming for our psyche to process. These unfelt emotions become part of the template of our physical and emotional body…our unconscious, and begin to shape the way we view our self, our world and our relationship to others.

“Curiously, it is precisely the experiences we wish to reject that remain with us forever, until we acknowledge them. The memories of events we could not bear are lodged in the tissue of our bodies, affecting our personalities and our anatomy, impeding our ability to perceive, feel, think and act. The cure for this constriction is to re-awaken those static moments of our past with our present consciousness, to allow the present to penetrate and flow through the traces of the past.” – Judith Blackstone from The Subtle Self

As we learn to relax and trust ourselves, we begin to feel safe enough to be somatically present for these buried experiences to come to the surface…releasing their hold on our ability to move forward into love and wholeness.

Robert Hooper - Fine Art (1)
By Robert Hooper - Fine Art Watercolor

Becoming aware of our subtle body creates a continuum, transcending time and space in which you can process historical emotional Karma (unfelt trauma) within a field of compassion. The somatic and cognitive experiencing of these events are then released from the unconscious.

Unwinding from the body like poetry…the shadow that has been buried in our unconscious unfurls the possibility of unimaginable freedom. This is an experience of exquisite intimacy and connection to your own heart that cannot be described until experienced. This will, in the end, free you of the causes of the compulsions and habitual behavior patterns that were running and perhaps even ruining your life. This will allow the limiting beliefs you had about yourself to melt away as you flower into wholeness and oneness with Divine Love.

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