The Journey of The Heart Back To The Body

Practices, services & guidance and support available, as needed, to meet you where you are.

You will learn to tenderly and respectfully nourish your whole Self…Body, Mind and Spirit.  The focus of this journey is grounded in discipline as a commitment to self- love. Nutrition, gentle exercise, movement practice & meditation to facilitate the kind of emotional opening that allows for a deep Spiritual Awakening and welcoming your heart back into your body.

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    Self Care as a Spiritual Practice and Mindfulness in Every Day Life


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    Gentle Somatic Meditation Practices
    Relaxing the Body, Connecting to the Earth,
    Embodied Nondual Presence
    Moving Meditation, Gentle Sacred Movement


  • Awakend Body - Heart Chakra Emotional Energy

    Awakened Body

    Being with Emotional Energy
    The Journey is in the Body
    Journal – Heart flowing through the tip of the pen
    Emotional Release in the Presence of Unconditional Love

Awakened Body

Beverly Webman - Awakened Body - Self Care As A Spiritual Practice

Complex Developmental and Preverbal Trauma

Could your belief systems be rooted in Trauma?

The manifestation of varying degrees of preverbal trauma are lying deeply buried in our shadow selves, usually covered up by our very sweet, people pleasing compensatory personalities. The scenario can look like this: an underlying sense of feeling worthless, having no value unless you are taking care of others, not being able to set self-protective boundaries or say “no”, intense fear of abandonment, intense attachment, merge and loss of self in relationship, extreme sensitivity to rejection and criticism of any kind triggering spirals of shame, being underpaid, under-employed or undercharging for your services, feeling unsafe in the world and unsafe in your body, dissociate (leave your body) under pressure or all the time, chronic illness, pain, despair and powerlessness. We find addictions to calm down the state of hyperarousal.

There is a very little training in the medical community, in emergency rooms and even some psychotherapists in trauma sensitivity and education. Psychosomatic illness can have severe symptoms that go unexplained and misunderstood. Because psychosomatic illness is based in an energetic holding patterns in the body we need to learn how to feel and get comfortable with the emotions that have been lodged in our tissues. This is not necessarily about re-living or re-experiencing the original trauma. We can soften, open to and release these held patterns from the body in the safety of present moment, compassionate awareness.

Together, in a field of unconditional love, we will be able to bring all that darkness into the light so that we can begin to touch the deepest traumas and unfelt experiences. You will begin to feel and know that these feeling are your Sacred Journey…home to your own heart.

Counseling, Guidance and Depth Awareness

I will support you with the compassion and knowledge – that only personal experience can provide.

About The Sacred Feminine

Sacred Feminine Energy is the life force. It is the Womb of Compassion…The Great Open Expanse of all Possibility, the reality of our creativity and wisdom. The Sacred feminine is a field of unconditional love that is our primordial consciousness flowing through our hearts, our bodies, and throughout the cosmos.

“Everything that is most important to us is dependent on love. We long for love and yet we habitually armor our hearts. Loving presence is not a foreign state that we need to search for or construct. It flows from a timeless and indestructible warmth, openness, and wakefulness that is intrinsic to our nature. As we access and deepen into the ground of loving presence, we encounter and dissolve deeply embedded patterns of neglecting ourselves, judging ourselves, and treating ourselves harshly. As we free ourselves, we come to trusting and expressing the fullness of who we are.” – Aura Glaser

Embodied Sacred Emotional Work

Navigating spiritual practice and recovery with Embodied Self Compassion.